Design Process

F a s h i o n     T r e n d     A n a l y s i s

Design team from VENSANEA will analysis popular elements every year by checking famous design website, visit Dalone del moil Milano in Italy, check trend report from Authority

Whether a new independent design will become popular in the market and be liked by consumers, a very important task is to conduct market research and analyze customer needs before designing the product. And whether the designer can be based on the understanding of the market and production to design a new style product that is acceptable by end consumers.

How does VENSANEA’s design team conduct trend analysis ?

1. Fashion trend analysis
For new product designs, we usually conduct trend analysis through the following aspects:

(1) Visit the famous design exhibition feast-Milan Exhibition and Shanghai Furniture Fair.
Milan Furniture Fair is a world-class exhibition integrating innovation, design and business. It is not only an important window for understanding international furniture design trends, but also the only place to promote the development of furniture design and industry. Designers can learn the latest design trends, decorative styles, innovative materials and cutting-edge technologies from the exhibition, and understand the latest trends and achievements in the international home design market.

At the Shanghai Furniture Fair, in addition to capturing design trends, we can also see how domestic furniture manufacturers express popular trends into real products.

(2) Visit the stores of leading companies in the target market, such as JYSK, IKEA, etc.
In addition to exhibitions, real furniture stores and furniture sales also guide our designers on how to express and learn the latest fabrics and the latest product structures etc.

(3) Follow well-known design websites in real time and use these websites to.
In addition to the Milan Exhibition and Shanghai Furniture Fair in April every year, our design team still maintains continuous learning, so these well-known design websites have become a good place to capture design trends. Every time I walk through the design work station, You can see that well-known websites are open. This also allows us to keep launching new designs.

process (1)

A. Famous design website

process (2)

B. Salone del Mobile Milano

process (3)

C. Trend report

I d e a s     A n d     S k e t c h e s
    O f     N e w     P r o d u c t s

On the stage of furniture design, the creation of sketches is not only a skill, but also a key process in transforming the designer's ideas and inspiration into practical solutions. This initial burst of creativity plays a vital role in the entire furniture design process. Through quick hand drawing or sketching, designers are able to vividly present their thoughts and ideas in a short time.

A sketch is more than just lines and patterns on paper, it is a concrete expression of thinking. They are the concrete presentation of the designer's conception of the product and pursuit of beauty. Through sketches, designers can quickly communicate their design concepts, allowing customers to intuitively understand the concept and design principles of the product at the earliest stages. This intuitiveness makes customers more receptive and satisfied, thereby increasing the success rate of the design.

Every sketch is a design exploration and experiment. Here, our designers can create 10 creative and passionate sketches every day. This is not just an accumulation of quantity, but also a continuous output of creativity. The daily design department evening meeting has become a unique and important link. Daily sketches are subject to feasibility analysis here. After in-depth discussion and screening, styles that may be loved by consumers are selected for further improvement.

This design and feedback mechanism not only accelerates the provision of design solutions, but also greatly shortens the time from concept to actual product. Through such collaborative work, our design team can pay closer attention to market dynamics and meet consumer needs faster. Every sketch is a testimony of our ultimate pursuit of design and the source of our continuous innovation.

3 D     M o d e l i n g     C h a i r

3D modeling software has brought revolutionary changes to furniture design, turning the designer's creativity into concrete form, which not only improves the efficiency of design, but also provides customers with a more intuitive and practical product experience. First of all, 3D modeling technology greatly helps designers understand every detail more intuitively and comprehensively by presenting the designer's ideas in the form of a three-dimensional model, thereby making the design more accurate and efficient. This not only reduces the cost of correction in the later stage, but also reduces the risk of errors and provides a more reliable basis for the design process.

Secondly, 3D modeling allows customers to intuitively see the appearance and internal structure of furniture, providing customers with a deeper and more comprehensive understanding. This live product demonstration allows customers to better understand the unique features of the design, allowing them to select and purchase products with greater confidence. For the furniture industry, this is an important shift from traditional graphic design to three-dimensional experience.

Furthermore, through 3D modeling software, designers can quickly build virtual scenes of furniture and vividly display them on the website. For customers in engineering projects, they can also implant 3D models into actual scenes to observe the matching effect and adaptability of furniture. This real-time scenario simulation allows customers to understand the product more visually, allowing them to select and purchase more accurately. This kind of display not only improves customer satisfaction with the product, but also provides the sales team with a more persuasive tool.

Finally, one of the biggest benefits of 3D modeling is that it allows designers to build virtual models of furniture more quickly, significantly reducing the cost and time of product development. This allows our design team to share the designed products with customers earlier, and some customers can’t wait to place orders after seeing our 3D model renderings. This efficient product development process not only improves the creativity of the design team, but also shortens the time to market, giving the company a head start in the market.