Manufacturing Technique

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Whether a custom order or mass production, VENSANEA integrates traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to create unique furniture tailored to your specific requirements.

We utilize not only high-quality materials like medium density fiberboard and wood to fabricate furniture parts, but also cleverly incorporate plastic materials. All processes including metalworking, spray painting, coating, and soft packaging are done in-house to enable seamless product integration and unparalleled quality control.

Our factory is equipped with efficient production capabilities. By adopting advanced machinery, we can readily handle large-scale production runs while minimizing unnecessary tedious tasks, saving our customers’ time.

E x p e r t     M e t a l     M a t r i a l     P r o c e s s i n g

We use automated cutting machines to guarantee precision cutting of metal tubing material, elevating control accuracy.

Our manual welding service aims for utmost precision, carefully executed by seasoned artisans. Driven by excellent skills and passion for their craft, they are devoted to creating the most durable and visually striking furniture pieces. We also have professional deburring staff using specialized tools to finely finish parts after manual welding, ensuring enduring stability and appeal. Through stringent inspection protocols, we guarantee every product meets stringent cleanliness and safety benchmarks for an optimized home life experience.

Additionally, we offer mechanical welding to fulfill substantial orders, utilizing cutting-edge technology and premium programming to achieve unparalleled precision and superlative welds.

E c o - F r i e n d l y     P l a s t i c s     P r o d u c t i o n

We employ fully electric injection molding machines to manufacture plastic components.

Benefits of our all-electric injection molders:
1. Energy savings - direct electric motor drives improve efficiency by 25-60% over old hydraulic models.
2. Water conservation - no hydraulic oil is required, only cooling water at the feed inlet. This reduces water usage by 70% compared to hydraulic injection molding machines.
3. Enhanced precision - injection molders can use computers to control and manage production, setting molding times and working modes while closely monitoring pressure, temperature, and other factors. This minimizes mold wear and maintenance frequency.

M e t i c u l o u s     S o f t     P a c k a g i n g                         P r o c e s s e s

To ensure sturdy and robust chair backs, we apply select adhesives evenly across new foam or cotton padding. This treatment reinforces the chair back for comfort and support.

Recognizing the importance of lumbar support for seating comfort, our designs incorporate ergonomic principles. Through thoughtful engineering, we deliver superior lumbar support and relaxation whether working or unwinding.

To efficiently fabricate multiple exquisite workpieces, we have introduced 1 advanced fabric cutting machine. The entire process is digitally controlled by computer for cutting accuracy. This enables us to swiftly and precisely cut required fabrics per your specifications.

We have also adopted 2 state-of-the-art automated sewing machines capable of applying intricate patterns on each chair's upholstery. These machines accurately execute embroidery and integrate it into high volumes of chairs and tables. Computerized stitching ensures precision and speed. Our seam techniques guarantee robust bonds between foam, fabrics, and furniture.

Through in-depth research into market trends and the latest advancements, we offer abundant fabric choices to customize your chairs. These textiles span various materials, colors, and designs to fulfill your particular requirements and business objectives.