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Designer Dining Chairs


HLDC-2310-Velvet Dining Chairs

Uses distinctively textured cut velvet fabric for an exceptional tactile experience.

The detachable sled base maintains aesthetic appeal while efficiently reducing bulk.

The dismountable sled base maintains appeal while reducing bulk.

Product Detail

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Item No


Product Size      (WxLxHxSH)

59*50*81*49.5 cm




4 pcs/1 ctn

Load Ability

950 pcs for 40HQ

Product use for

Dining Room or Living Room

Carton size



KD leg


200 pcs

Product Introduction

1. Unparalleled Tactile Experience with Distinctive Cut Velvet:
Immerse yourself in a world of sensory delight with our dining chair, thoughtfully crafted to deliver an exceptional tactile experience. The chair features distinctively textured cut velvet fabric that not only captivates the eye but also invites touch. Running your fingers across the surface reveals the opulence of this luxurious material, ensuring that each meal is accompanied by a sense of indulgence and comfort.

2. Effortless Elegance in Detachable Base Structure:
Redefine the possibilities of dining chair design with our innovative detachable base structure. Seamlessly marrying aesthetic appeal with practicality, the chair's base can be effortlessly detached without compromising its overall elegance. This feature not only enhances the chair's adaptability but also simplifies storage and transportation. Enjoy the freedom to rearrange your dining space or store the chairs with ease, all while maintaining the chic aesthetic that defines your style.

3. Streamlined Appeal with Dismountable Base Structure:
Embrace a dining chair that seamlessly blends style and convenience in its very structure. The dismountable base structure not only retains its visual appeal but also efficiently reduces bulk when needed. Whether you're optimizing space in storage or arranging a flexible dining layout, the chair's dismountable base ensures adaptability without sacrificing the sleek and streamlined look. This design innovation speaks to our commitment to providing not just furniture but a solution that effortlessly adapts to the dynamic needs of modern living.

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